Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Priorities In The Gym

The first priority in the gym must be - Form.
Correct form is the safest, preventing injury.  Best position also produces the best power, so it also affects performance.

After you can do it right, the second priority is - Consistency.
Getting it right repeatedly.

Only then, add load and speed.  The third priority is - Intensity.

Find yourself in the following videos and critique your form.
  • Weight on heels.
  • Bar over mid-foot.
  • Scapula over the bar.
  • Vertical bar path.
  • Stable midline - core held firm back arched.
In today's videos of the deadlift;
  • Shoulders and hips rise together as the bar approaches the knee.
  • Hips come under the body as the bar rises above the knee.

Have fun,  we'll see you Wednesday!



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