Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday: “Kelly”

Debi ekes out a post-WOD smile


Shoulder prep (Kelly Starrett)
Hip Prep (Kelly Starrett)

  • Pose - Hop x 2, Accel x 2
  • Rings - inverted hang, slow lowering (tuck)
  • Deadlift
WOD “Kelly” (scaled)
Three rounds for time of: 
  • Run 400 meters 
  • 30 Box jump 
  • 30 Wall ball shots
Time limit:  15 minutes
Split jerk, Hip ext. with internal rotation and thoracic mobility.
Test: Split jerk landing. Torso straight up and down stacked neatly under an anchored ribcage?
Mob: 1) Spend 3 minutes exploring each hip. Can you hold relax there? Use that PNF!
2) 4 min working on arm flexion (overhead) and thoracic (rib cage region of spine)
extension on the balls.
Retest: Split jerk. Bonus: Does your kipping pullup feel better too?

1 comment:

  1. CW DNF after 2 Rounds, 20" box, 20# ball. It was a good workout, though.


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