Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, TGU & Sott's Press

  • Jumprope
  • DROM
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Burgener WU
  • Pose - Accelerator drill x 3 (like with hopping drill.)
  • Power clean 3 x 5
With a 15-25 pound barbell, 21-15-and 9 reps for time of: 
  • Turkish Get-ups, alternating arms 
  • Sotts press
pvc-15 pound barbell, 15-12-and 9 reps 
Time limit:  25 minutes



Mobility homework - Ham corners
  • Rotate
  • Load & tension
  • 2 rounds of 2 minutes each leg
  • 1 minute each leg - calves




  1. CW: 1 round (21) + 8 TGU, 25#. The bar required increased awareness of upper arm position. I found the TGUs were easiest if the bar was balanced not just along the length of the bar, but over the point of support. The Sotts press was hardest for me; a combination of limited upper body and shoulder mobility meant the bar always came down on my neck. I could only stand to do 3 reps at a time. Today my shoulders are sore in a whole new way! That was fun.

    Ball slams were fun, too. very stress relieving. 34 ball slams, hooray!

  2. 15:00 min. 21-15-9 TUs. I couldn't get to the last 9 Sotts, but I think I got a good workout in. I liked this WOD a of those where the first two minutes felt like an hour and I was going nowhere fast...but by the second set I got my groove on. I noticed that the TUs were much easier on my right side. As for the Sotts, those are nasty little things. Was able to get 15 in one go, but had to break the 21 into 2. Feeling sore in my quads and middle back today...sweeeeet.

  3. ...oh and I managed to get 23 ball slams...I wonder if that is an anger management technique?

  4. 15 minutes: 21-15-7.5 TGU's...not quite enough time to finish out the entire 9. A good work! Refer to Meg's post; the more reps, the more the technique solidified. Doing those TGU's was like doing a dance, a slow, controlled, difficult dance. My right side is stronger, also. I was able to do all Sott's presses continuously, which made me quite happy, after having such a time on Monday with my shoulder joint. No problems there this time, and not much soreness today, either.

  5. Woopss! Ball slam total: 30. Yessssssssss!!


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