Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busted at the Sunday WOD

I got busted today at the Sunday WOD.  In case you don't know, each Sunday the workout of the day is open to anyone who wants to come and work out.  Today I thought to myself, no one's going to come, I'm kind of tired, lets just take the day off.

Surprise!  At 11:00, Kari Lyle rings the doorbell all dressed and ready for a workout.  Busted.

We had a good time, working on starting movements (the squat) and shoulder movements.  I even tried the turkish getup!  Here's the data:
2009-10-18 15-12-9-6-3-0--3 rep rounds of: Clean (hang power) 35 Pounds Sit-up (floor) Back Extension Comments: Sunday WOD with special guest Kari Lyle! 9-6-3 squat/situp/good mornings, time: 5:31. Well done! KW Kettlebell hang high pull/situp/supermans, time 7:07. CW Hang power cleans/situps/supermans, time 8:04. New first for CW, turkish getups (one each side) 3/4 pood kettlebell (26#)

Next week, you come too!



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