Saturday, October 10, 2009

CF WOD HSPU & pullups


3 rounds of:
Handstand Push-up (scaled) x 10 Reps
Ring Row x 10 Reps

Time: 6:35
Comments: Comments: The tale of my success and failure. Ring rows set up to be able to do 8 reps. HSPU with knees on a 22" box. The first set goes o.k. of course. In trouble and starting to do groups of reps by the second. A little extra oomph and chopping it up into smaller groups was the third. Skill work on double unders starting to show results, but I can't maintain the timing of singles yet. Max reps before hitting the rope with my feet: 35. Ring tuck support, 39 seconds total. Trying for 10s on, 30s off. First 2 rounds o.k. After that only 5s, then at the end only 4s. I was going for 1 minute total, but stopped after 39 seconds. Melio di niente, no? (better than nothing.) Ciao, Charles

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