Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eggs For Breakfast, or Charles Learns A New Trick

I thought I would write this up for all of you.  I've been ambivilant about my choice of eggs.  I started with egg whites, but I hate throwing away the yolks (too much omega-6 fat) and it takes 2 eggs to make one egg's worth.  Better Than Eggs, perhaps not ideal, but it all gets used and it cost less for 8 oz. than 16 eggs.

For real egg applications like hard-boiled eggs on salads and stuff, I've been getting Omega-3 eggs.  They work this way: The chickens eat flax seed containing short-chain omega-3 fats.  Their livers transform them into the long-chain omega-3s that we need.  Then we eat their young. ;)  The trouble is expense, or so I thought.

Maybe they've come down in price, I don't know.  Here's what I found at Econo Foods:

I was thinking of the price of having 2 eggs for each ounce of Bettter Than Eggs, but the omega-3 eggs are good to eat, each and every little morsel!  So a little quick math - BTE, $.36 per oz., O3s $.24 per egg.  Joy, another victory for real food!  So today it's O3s; 2 dozen is breakfast for 2 for 3 days.  Great!

Yes, he can be taught!


  1. So now we can have omelettes and frittatas, scrambled, over easy, deviled, hardboiled, sunny side up, basted, poached, softboiled, over hard... yummy!


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