Saturday, May 15, 2010

How many sports in 24 hours?

The weather turned nice, and I took advantage of it...
Charles, being off on a trip to Appleton, got his dose with Theresa and Mark on Friday morning (see former post).  I stayed home to work; then, worked with Molly and Meg (see former post!).  After that, there was still time left in the evening...and a beautiful evening it was!  Anyway, I threw a chicken into the oven to bake, and jumped into running clothes and took off to the Tech trails.  Tonight I made a tour around Isle Royale, Superior, Core, Portage, Pine, and back to Isle Royale.  People may have been complaining about the "cold" weather, but actually it is just perfect for active sports.  A 47 minute run, sunny and cool.  What fun.  Plus, dinner was ready soon after I returned.  Can't get better than that.
Fast forward to this morning.  Charles and I finally took out our double scull for a tour of the Portage (see post on  It was a little breezy, but just fine for this fine open-water boat.  It is so good to get out and row!  A nice 53 minute row.  After a quick lunch, I headed out to take a ride on Sarah.  She is also happy about this good weather.  We had a nice session that lasted about 40 minutes.  Then home...presto, chango, out came the road bike!  Who knows what the weather will do tomorrow, so, best to take advantage of it now...I took a spin around the area south of home: Gundlach to Pilgrim to Paradise to Denton to 41 to Cemetery to McGinnis to Sharon to home.  41 is so flat and smooth.  Cemetery is not!  All in all, a 40 minute ride.  Gee, everything seems to be coming in at 40 - 50 minutes... that's interesting.  No wonder I was able to fit everything in!  Adding it all up...CrossFit, running, rowing, horseback riding, biking.  5 sports in 24 hours!  Can the weekend get any better?  What will the weather bring tomorrow?  The saga continues...

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