Friday, May 21, 2010

Meg & Molly Onramp 9; Charles First Kipping Pullups; Kirsten Bikes To Work

First off, welcome back.  We took half a week off.  After a weekend of rowing and stress, Charles got a cold.  Meanwhile, Kirsten reported in for oral surgery.  The poor dear is surviving on soup this week.  All from grass-fed protein sources, of course - extra yummy!

Meg & Molly's Onramp 9

Rowing warmup
Medball partner drills
Kipping & kipping pullups

3 rounds for time: 
400M Run 
15 Push-ups 


Molly 9:52
Meg 9:55

Both their kips had excellent form and timing.  Kipping pullups, here we come!
They've also been researching POSE running; that's coming along, too.  We'll really have some fun with that!

Charles' First Kipping Pullups
Earlier today a single deadhang seemed pretty easy.  In the onramp class I was showing Meg & Molly the sequence for kipping pullups.  I thought that maybe I might get one kip if I concentrated and didn't have to talk to people at the same time.  Going through the sequence with the girls was good for me, too.  Up on the bar and through the same sequence - forward, back, forward, back/knees up, turn over and pull - I went up just like that!  I was so surprised that I forgot to push away.

After the girls had gone, we got out the video camera again to see if I could get one on tape.  I did four in a row!  Great, except the camera didn't start.  We caught some of the after celebrating, though.  

One last time, this time we got two on video.  Here's the evidence:

 Kirsten Bikes To Work

Take it away, Kirsten:

Today was national Bike To Work day.  In our neck of the woods, it is called KB2W, or Keweenaw Bike To Work day.  With Charles still recovering from a cold, I decided to head out early to take in the dawn on my road bike.  After putting in several miles up and down 41 south of Houghton, I headed west to the bridge to the KB2W booth to get snacks and a free water bottle.  Everyone there was so cheery this morning!  They mentioned the nice weather (it was gorgeous this morning, air calm and fragrant, around 50 degrees); last year, they remembered it being 30 degrees.  Having no pack with me, I ended up stuffing the water bottle and the bag of plantain chips along with my windbreaker into the pockets in the back of my shirt.  Surprisingly, the shirt pulled it off and carried everything just fine all of the way home!  Let's hear it for large, stretchy pockets.  Then, back home to shower and eat breakfast, and then to work.  Ironically there was no time to bike to work (I cut the time too short!).  When my co-worker Derek heard this, he exclaimed, "You are going to have to give all of the goodies back!!!"  I replied, "The day isn't over yet!"  Then, at lunch, I drove home, ate lunch, hopped on the mountain bike, and headed back to work.  "Now it counts!", I cried.  "Yes, it does!" he agreed. So there.  National Bike To Work Day.  Celebrated.
Ciao, everyone!

Charles & Kirsten

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