Sunday, November 1, 2009

CF "Twisted" Total

I think I lead a charmed life.  Not always, but many times my mistakes turn out to have silver linings.  Take today; The Sunday WOD was the Crossfit Total - three max powerlifting moves, the score being the total max weight lifted.  The workout mirrors a powerlifitng meet, best out of three tries.  The exercises are supposed to be back squat, shoulder press and deadlift.  I remembered two out of the three, but I programmed bench presses instead of back squats.  Oops!

And now, the silver lining.  The bench press was in itself a worthwhile exercise, though I admit not as much as the squat.  We did work on air squats in the warmup, but due to form issues learning the air squat and also injury rehab issues, I was the only one who would have been able to do the squat.  The bench press was fun.  I promise to squat next time. 

Here's the data:
11/1/09 Crossfit Twisted Total: Deadlift/Bench Press/Shoulder Press. (I'll do squats next time, I promise.) CW: 255+105+150=510 KW: 55+100+65=220 Kari Lyle: 95+75+55=225
Congratulations to Kari on her first bar workout! : )
Charles PRs: deadlifts +15, shoulder press +10 Hooray! 8^)



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  1. Charles, my deadlift today was 155, not 55, so that brings my score to 320. Ta-da!


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