Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crossfit Endurance Time Trial

Crossfit Endurance is a different thing from Crossfit. It uses
crossfit workouts as the fitness base. Then it adds a few days a week
of your particular endurance sport, covering running, biking, swimming
and erg rowing. It promises good results with less mileage per week.
a typical three day endurance cycle contains two interval workouts and
one time trial or tempo workout.

Today was supposed to be a 2k time trial. I did one of those not too
long ago and wanted to try something different, so I did a 'distance
trial.' I set the timer to countdown 7:30, then rowed as far as I
could in that time. My February goal is 2k in 7:30.

I was not used to judging my effort this way; I hadn't realized how
dependent I was on the 2k race format. Not only that, but I didn't
feel me
ntally up to the job; I wanted to give it up about 1/2 way through.
Perhaps a lack of mental toughness is a disadvantage of the lower
mileage plan?

The final result was 1952 meters. That gives an average 500 split of
1:55.3. My goal is 1:52.5. Extrapolating that out would give a 2k
time of 7:41.

That's not bad; not yet to February's goal, but still ahead of last
year's PR!

Kirsten is working on the new ski-erg. Her goal is this Sunday's time
trial at the Aspirus Fitness Center - 1K in 5:10.
Her time trial today was 5:22. Great! She was trying for 5:30.

Here's the data:
11/11/09 TT
Cw row 7:30 for distance
Wmup 2575m 1:52.2 27

TT 1952m. Splits every 1:50:
Meters, split/500, spm
512 1:49.3 28
501 1.51.7 27
478 1:57.1 27
452 2:03.8 26
9 1:51.1 30

KW 1k for time
5:22.9 2:41.4 41
Splits by 200s spm
2:38 38
2:45 37
2:36 41
2:44 43
2:35 47



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