Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8K TT and Erg Heaven!

We have ergs!  Oh, happy day! May a thousand flowers bloom! (8k later)  Ow, oh....

Buy-in CFE warmup:
10 minutes easy
3 technique drills  8 reps, then accelerate (a couple rounds of each)
A couple of starts.
Recover completely

8K Time Trial

easy paddle

These ergs will be great for WODs, rowing prep and an alternative for running and other exercises.

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  1. CW 34:22.2, avg 2:09.5/500m, 27spm
    I set the pace boat to pace me at 2:22, but from the start I was faster than that. I didn't want to toast myself going out too fast, but it didn't seem so hard. First half splits were around 2:15. I kept thinking the speed would reach up and bite me, but I felt fine, so I figured I would break out the racing for the last half. I did 1k below 2:10, then aimed for 2:05. That's where I found the metabolic limit; I stayed there for most of the rest of the TT. With nothing to save up for, I did the last 500 at 2:00. Stroke rates were 26 - 29 with a 30 for the last sprint.

    Next time, I should start with 2:10 to 2:15.

    38:57, avg. 2:26/500m, 26spm
    Kirsten also recorded a 5k (23:53) and a 10k (49:51) along the way!
    Kirsten loves rowing at home, and no wonder: 5k PR!


    Charles & Kirsten


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