Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glide N Gorge

Yum! A fundraising project of the Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club, the 2nd annual Glide 'N Gorge features a trip through the groomed trails of Maasto Hiihto with stops along the way for gourmet eating. There was an appetizer table, then later a soup table and finally desserts at the chalet afterwords. It was yummy fun.

The snow was all wet and smooshy with temps up around 40F. My warmest waxes didn't cut the mustard. I never thought I'd go out in klister weather, but it would have been nice to have today. We're saving the high flourocarbon warm glide wax for the race Saturday. It was a good chance to practice marathon skate and flying herringbone.

This was off of the plan, doing a second long slow distance day. We had a great time last year and I'm happy we could support the cause again.

Here's the data; Sorry it's incomplete - I forgot to turn the thingy on at first, then forgot to resume it after the soup:

Name:Glide N Gorge (incomplete)

Date:Mar 7, 2010 1:26 pm


(valid until Mar 20, 2010)
Google Maps

3.70 kilometers

Elapsed Time:

Avg Speed:
4.2 km/h

Max Speed:
21.1 km/h

Avg Pace:
14' 22" per km

Min Altitude:
188 m

Max Altitude:
268 m

Start Time:

Start Location:
Latitude:47.141318º N
Longitude:88.604282º W

End Location:
Latitude:47.142400º N
Longitude:88.606898º W



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