Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taper 4; Tabata sprints

Today was our last day of training before the Great Bear Chase. After warming up with our skating and balancing drills, we did our last CFE taper workout, Tabata sprints. It's 8 rounds of 20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest. There's no data today on distances because I had to use the multi-timer on the phone instead of the GPS thingy. I wish we had programmable workouts on our GPS thingy. We were at Tech Trails on the Core and Portage loops. After The Tabatas, we were able to work a little more on body position for uphills on the way back. It feels a bit strange, chest upright and hips forward, but it works.

I tried different race nutrition today, a boiled egg, apple slices and a macadamia nut. Much better, I felt more access to energy stores and no head rush. The apple slices were good, but I felt a bit like I had to choke them down. If I can, I'll go with a banana. Where to put it? ('Why yes, that *is* a banana in my pocket!') Except for the banana question, everything fits into the small pockets in my water bottle holder. At this point then, dress is planned to be wool socks, winter rowing tights and a long sleeved wicking shirt. I'll have along a windbreaker if it seems that I need it.

So that's it. Friday off; just a bit of limbering up, easy stretches. Hopefully the phone charge will last the whole race and I can get the entire race in my GPS thingy.

Wish us luck!



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