Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today we're on the rowers doing a CrossFit Endurance WOD:

5km at 85 - 90% of race pace.

Now, the math on this is fuzzy for me. For instance:
  • My best 5k pace/500 meters is 2:03.
  • If I take 90% of that though, I get 1:50.7 - a smaller number - a faster pace.
  • So I increased my time to 110%, getting 2:15

A larger number means a slower pace. But is that really 90% of race pace? Any of you math wizards who can sort that out for me, please comment. I'd love the formula!

Here's the numbers:

  • KW 2:15s
  • 90%= 2:28
  • 85%= 2:35

  • CW 2:03s
  • 90%= 2:15
  • 85%= 2:21
  • KW 24:05, 25 spm (2:14.5/500m)
  • CW 22:25, 25 spm (2:24.5/500m)
A bit too quick; I don't know if that's bad. At least it wasn't too slow. Kirsten was running late for an appointment. A big thanks to Terry Smythe for letting us use the ergs in her basement!

Tomorrow, a mini-Murph!



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  1. Oops, I switched the splits. It should read:

    KW 24:05, 25 spm (2:24.5/500m)
    CW 22:25, 25 spm (2:14.5/500m)


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