Sunday, March 28, 2010

First post at KS&C

Welcome to Keweenaw Strength & Conditioning!  Since Kirsten and I came back from our L1 certs, people have been expressing interest working out with us.  Up to now, all posts have been at my Portage Lake Rowing club blog.  I've imported all of those posts into this blog.  Especially this Winter, we've really broadened out from just rowing to encompass all of our fitness pursuits.  You can look back and chart our progress - winning the Erg Monster, finishing the Bear Chase xc ski race.

Now that we're looking forward to sharing what we've learned with other people, I thought a separate presence was called for.  If you're interested in increased sports performance, or just getting in the best shape of your life, contact us.  Let's work you toward elite fitness!

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