Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Freind Starts Out And A Rope WOD

Long time musician friend Dan Komarzec came over for his first taste of CrossFit today. After checking out a few skills, he had this WOD:
Run 200 meters, then
15 - 12 - 9
Ring rows
Finish with another 200m run.
Time 19:14
Dan showed some great intensity. Way to go!

When Kirsten got home we did our WOD:
3 rounds
1 min thrusters
1 min rope pulls (from lying on our backs to upright)
4 min run 200m / rest for the remainder of the 4 min.

It went well, but my running form needs work.
KW reps (45# thrusters)
18 / 5
15 / 5
16 / 5
49 / 15

CW reps (55# thrusters)
15 / 4
14 / 5
16 / 4
45 / 13

Life is good.



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  1. Arms are still ‘tired’ from the Ring Row… I’ve never experienced anything quite like that! No more cramping, but fatigue still there.

    My breathing actually feels really good; my lungs have more capacity probably because I was gasping for air during the workout!

    I’ll see how enthused I am for my next WOD tomorrow... but today was awesome.

    Thanks again buddy!

    Dan Komarzec


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