Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roll Credits

Achieving a goal doesn't happen on your own. People are there to help show you what you need to know, to kick you in the butt, to provide a measure by which to gauge your progress. We've had a bunch.

For oustanding achievement in getting Kirsten and Charles to complete their first xc ski race... may I have the envelope please...

Terry Smythe, Aspirus Keweenaw Fitness Center, Erg Monster organizer
Deb & Dennis Kamrad, Portage Lake Rowing Club
Steve Neal, Crossfit Orangeville
Scott Machalk, Bill Houghton, Crossfit Marquette
Theresa Rosenquist, Crossfit Appleton
Kari, Paul and Erin 'I know how to ski' Lyle, Team Lyle
Eric Volk, MTU Nordic Ski Club
Lori & Rick Oikarinen, Cross Country Sports
Arnie Kinnunen, Portage Health, Bear Chase organizer
The Volunteers, Erg Monster / Bear Chase
Fellow competitors

I've had at least lengthy conversations, lessons or workouts with each of these people. If you count correspondence and research, there are many more.




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