Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taper Week Begins - 2 Out Of 3 Bears

Two nights of 10 hours' sleep worked and Kirsten wants to go skiing (that's new acquaintances Barb and Cindy in the photo.)

Next Saturday is the Great Bear Chase. Kirsten and I are signed up to do the 26k skate. We'll be pretty much following the CrossFit Endurance race taper plan this week. Today was long slow distance.

Kirsten really found a nice rhythm; she's talking about leaving me behind if she has to wait for me. I told her long ago that she should race her own race. I will miss her, though.

I had trouble after a break at the bottom of Papa Bear. We stopped and I had half a Zone bar. After the first little hill, my head would go woozy and my legs would run out of energy after any effort. I believe 'bonk' may be the term. The Zone bar is still mostly grain-based carbs; I'm used to a more protein, veg and fat kind of diet. My metabolism has probably shifted away from the high-test grains. It could also be a result of the single-leg stuff the night before, but I'm not comfortable with my nutrition of choice. I have no other opportunities to try it out, but I've taken the more easily digested protein and fat sources and added a fairly high glycemic fruit for carbs. The plan is one boiled egg, on macadamia nut and half a banana for feeding. Except for the banana, that's more typical of my diet. Half an apple would be the usual for me, maybe safer, but not so easy to eat and go I think. I'll think about it.

Tomorrow is the Glide 'N Gorge. Not exactly on the training plan, definitely not on the food plan, but should be fun nonetheless!

Here's the data from today (notice the map is in a different place:)

  • Name:2 out of 3 Bears-Taper 1
  • Date:Mar 6, 2010 10:28 am
  • Map:(valid until Mar 20, 2010)Google Maps
  • Distance:11.9 kilometers
  • Elapsed Time:1:13:53
  • Avg Speed:9.6 km/h
  • Max Speed:19.8 km/h
  • Avg Pace:06' 14" per km
  • Min Altitude:0 m
  • Max Altitude:349 m
  • Start Time:2010-03-06T15:28:17Z
  • Start Location: Latitude:47.238585º N Longitude:88.465252º W
  • End Location: Latitude:47.238647º N Longitude:88.465508º W



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